Thursday, June 26, 2014

Your Smartphone as your wallet with the Isis Wallet app #Sponsored #MC

“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Isis Wallet. I received a promotional item to facilitate my review."

Who needs a wallet? No one during these days and times because of your smartphone/cellphone. Our phone does so much and now we can pay quickly (breeze through the checkout line) unlike those rummaging through purses to find their wallets.

My experience included going to my local AT&T store and getting a FREE Enhanced SIM CARD that stores and protects your payment information.  That took about 10 minutes. The Isis Wallet app supports American Express, Chase and Welles Fargo cards. I have a American Express Serve prepaid card that is linked to my bank account and I use it for transferring funds when I need to reserve funds for future purchases. You can sign up for the American Express Serve card by 6/30/14 and you will receive an initial $25 balance to put towards your purchases.

I have already started shopping for back to school (August 6, 2014) and I used the app at Foot Locker but the Isis Wallet let's you tap to pay with your phone at any payment terminal that accepts contactless payments.  To check out locations near you: https://www.paywithisis.com/where.html.  Going back to school time can be very expensive. It is so great to know that when I pay with American Express, I receive $1 back every time I tap to pay.

Paying with your phone is easy. Try downloading the free Isis Mobile Wallet app to check if your phone is Isis Wallet ready. If not, go to your phone retailer and get your enhanced SIM CARD.
  •  Then open the app and enter your PIN
  •  Select a payment to use
  •  Hold the back of your phone over the contactless symbol on the terminal at checkout.
Listen to these perks..........................Tap to Pay at a Coca-Cola vending machine and you’ll get your first 3 Coca-Cola drinks free. Then buy 10 and you’ll get another one free. Free smoothie from Jamba Juice anyone?  Wallet users simply need to pull up the coupon in the Wallet app and ‘tap to pay’ at the terminal and they’ll get a free smoothie – no additional purchase required. Wallet users can literally stop by Jamba Juice every day for a free smoothie when they use the Isis Wallet. It’s a great offer! The savings are great!

I honestly was not sold on this app before doing the test drive myself at McDonalds first. I had my phone ready in line before my turn to checkout came I was impressed with the tap and go feature.

Photo: Check out this great deal from Verizon! Get $30 off select bluetooth speakers when you #paywithisis at your local Verizon Store!

Terms and Conditions ApplyYou can also find Isis Wallet on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Paywithisis to keep up all kinds of saving alerts. Right now there is one posted on June 19 that states:
Check out this great deal from Verizon! Get $30 off select bluetooth speakers when you #paywithisis at your local Verizon Store! (Terms and Conditions Apply).

Everyone needs to be aware of the financial resources they have available to them and the Isis wallet is just that.  So go ahead and retire that wallet!

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