Thursday, June 5, 2014

Make outings with your little ones easier! #BRICA #Munchkin #Travel #Accessories

cid:18E03D6E-F96C-4DD1-82B4-0FCFB020D4C7@BRICA.localBrica, has recently joined forces with Munchkin, and the company makes fantastic travel, car, bath, and out & about accessories for families. I got a chance to review the iHide Car Seat Organizer.

Some of the features of the organizer include:

  • 3- Attachment points  compared to 1-Attachment point for traditional organizers
  • Zip closure for mess hideaway
  • Touch - sensitive tablet viewer
  • Adjustable headrest attachment
Included is a deluxe wipes case and easy instructions on how to secure the organizer.  And you can never have too many wipe cases. I installed the organizer in my 2002 Honda Civic because that is the car that I travel to work in and my drive time is 40-45 minutes. My drive time companion is my twenty two month old son who eats, drink, plays, and cries on the way to and from work. 

I am so happy to have something to entertain him with in the vehicle. I tried just giving him the tablet to entertain himself but most times he ends up only touching the screen and it exits the video or app. Now I can control it by setting it on what I prefer him to view, inserting it into the viewer, and done. He will not be able to reach it, touch it, and exit the program by himself.

We know that every child has to have snacks during the car rides to any place. Usually the car seat only holds either a snack cup or a drink cup and not both. Now he has a drink cup in the organizer and snack pocket.  There are multiple, roomy pockets and the fabric is durable and water- resistant.  It has what is known as  GRIME GUARD (Protection Against Moisture & Dirt). 

While this is a great product to have, if you have a small vehicle like I do and your child is taller, I suggest putting it in an SUV. I say this because, in a small vehicle, if they an see over the headrest then it would be awkard looking down. A great way for Brica to compensate for this is making the organizer fit over the headrest itself for those taller children. But in all and all this was great product to have.

Do you think this will be helpful to you with your traveling companions (children)? LOL

Disclosure: I received a product to review in return for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

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