Monday, February 3, 2014

#CALORIECUTBACK....Join and Help Fight Obesity

Did you know that Americans take in an average of 100 calories more per day than they need?

Help fight obesity and spread the word about the  #CalorieCutback, an initiative from the Together Counts program to inspire active and healthy living. Don't just sit there—bust a move!                 
In 2010, the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation launched an effort to reduce obesity. The Foundation, along with Together Counts, is looking to families to help continue their efforts to reduce obesity - especially child obesity - by 2015. Help ignite the conversation and join the effort!

 In the fight against obesity, partners of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation helped reduce individual calorie consumption by 78/day. I’m doing my part by encouraging my kids to eat the rainbow this week. What can you do? http://bit.ly/1l6B72E

Disclosure: I am participating in this social media campaign via  One2One Network
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