Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Disclosure: I was sent a digital copy of the album for review. Note: download link is an affiliate link.

You got your movie on so now get your groove on just like Sully and Mike did in the movie! The 20-track album is available oCDiTunes and other digital download.  This album would be great for any monster themed parties this summer. It will be sure to be a hit. I know a lot of them will be going around for birthday parties after the release of the movies!
Monsters University Cover

Track Listing

  1. Main Title 
  2. Young Michael 
  3. First Day at MU
  4. Dean Hardscrabble 
  5. Sulley
  6. Scare Pig
  7. Wasted Potentia
  8. Oozma Kappa 
  9. Stinging Glow Urchin 
  10. Field Trip
  11. Rise and Shine
  12. The Library 
  13. Roar
  14. The Scare Games 
  15. Did You Do This?
  16. Human World
  17. The Big Scare
  18. Goodbyes 
  19. Mike and Sulley
  20. Monsters University
20 tracks of fun and upbeat music for the little monster fan. The music can make you leap and bound out of your seat. You will find yourself having so much fun moving to the end.  

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