Wednesday, April 17, 2013


You are away on a trip, maybe even a business trip.  Coffee is all around you .  Here in these parts...Community coffee is usually the brand that is brewed and to me it is the strongest brew of coffee.  I can partake of it but I have to have my coffeemate.  Vanilla is what I insist and I carry the single serve packets in my purse.  The single serve packets of coffeemate are the most convenient thing to have. You can carry them around like change in your pocket. LOL

You can definitely have a coffeemate chaos if you are sitting in those lectures like I do and have not had a touch of coffeemate goodness in your mouth.  Most hotels that I travel too definitely use coffemate as their choice creamer to coffee. Coffemate affects my productivity especially when i am feeling a certain flavor or sweetness and i need that coffemate (vanilla in my cup). It become like a withdrawal if I don't have it.  And that is when I am not hearing a word they are saying but thinking about when is the next break so that I can get some coffemate!

Do you have a time that you ran out of coffemate?  How traumatic was it? 

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