Friday, February 8, 2013

Share the Funny and win with NickMom Clique. I Did and Won!

Ding! - Ding! - Ding!   I won!

Okay my few but great blogger followers. I told you about NickMom Clique a while back. It's all about sharing the funny of being motherly. I joined back in November and I started sharing immediately.  So you are sharing awesome funny things such as:

                                                                VIA: JUPITERIMAGES/BRAND X PICTURES/THINKSTOCK

Top 9 Things To Say To Your Husband During The Super Bowl To Be Purposely Annoying: 7. OMG REWIND PUPPY COMMERCIAL! Check out the Top 9 Things To Say To Your Husband During The Super Bowl To Be Purposely Annoying, only on NickMom.com.

Who wouldn't want to laugh about the things that we as a mom and wife have to deal with or go through.  Anyhow, just by sharing this content with my blog, twitter, and facebook friends; was selected as a January NickMom Clique Challenge Winner! I have won a motherfunny prize pack!  I cannot wait to see what is included int he pack and I will let you know all about the goodies when I receive them. You could be a winner too plus sharing the funny makes the day go by a little faster! 

Disclosure:  I am a member of NickMom Clique in which I receive points redeemable toward prizes for sharing content. Content is provided via NickMom and is not of my own opinion.  I received no monetary compensation for  this post.

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