Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1 out of 50- what were the odds! (Dippin Dots) out of 5 million fans!

I just received an email from Dippin Dots (remember their 5 million fans giveaway) notifying me that I was on e of the fifty to receive a party pack. Some say you have to enter sweepstakes daily to win (which may be a valid point) but no sir, not I. I know I only entered this giveaway once or twice - but it was definitely not daily. I rarely enter any sweepstakes daily. I just leave it up to the GODS (lol). I go by the mantra (if it is for you, then it is for you).  This is my first facebook sweepstakes win via a brand's app.

50 Winners will receive (1) Dippin’ Dots party pack, consisting of one (1) gallon of Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream (serves 30), Dippin’ Dots cups and spoons.

When I googled  the giveaway (150,000 results)- So this was posted on many, many timelines, status updates, and blogs.  All except mines (LOL)

free dippin dots

Now what flavor should I get???  Any suggestions! What is your favorite flavor?

Does this win- make me very fond of facebook app giveaways!-  Maybe. I may enter them a little more than I do but I still like blog giveaways the best.

Now flavors-
Alien vanilla crunch
Banana split
birthday cake
bubble gum
candy bar crunch
caramel brownie sundae
chocolate chip cookie dough
cookies in creme
cotton candy
java delight
lemon- lime sherbert
liberty ice
mint chocolate
moose tracks
no sugar added fudge
no sugar added vanilla
non fat chocolate cherry dessert
orange sherbert
peanut butter chip
rainbow ice
raspberry sherbert
rocky road
sour blue razz
spookies n cream
strawberry cheesecake yogurt
strawberry sorbert
tropical tie dye
watermelon ice
                                        NOW LOOK- HOW AM  I SUPPOSE TO CHOOSE. :)

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