Monday, April 23, 2012

Proud parent- twice: Medela Calming Bottle

Proud to be a Resident Mom:  

Reviewed: Medela Calming Bottle

The Review:

Introducing Calma®I like the size of the calming bottle itself. It is not too small or too big as to not seem overwhelming for a little one who is use to feeding from breast. The nipple of the bottle did resemble the size of my breast nipple personally when erected for feeding my daughter. It did feel a little complex to me looking at how the bottle works and I did not feel comfortable that I put the bottle back together after taking it apart. It’s designed is a little more complex than your usual bottle for the benefits of mimicking the breast flow. I did find it easy for the bottle part to fit my breastpump  to pump straight into the bottle.  I tried it with my son and he at first did not take it but after two tries, he started to suck for it so it was very easy for me as a transition from breast. I expected him to be gassy but he was not after the bottle use.

Pros: This bottle does not leak and only allow flow when the baby is actually using it.

Cons: It is expensive for one bottle and assembly at first may be a little awkward

Rating: A-

Disclosure: I am a member of  NewParent.com Resident Mom Product tester. I received one medela calma bottle for review purposes and was able to keep the product. All opinions and statements are my own. I received no other monetary compensation for this post.

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