Thursday, February 9, 2012

Samsung Focus Flash Windows Phone Giveaway @thedivinemissmommy

Recently I received a windows phone for product testing and after testing I was able to keep it. So I had the phone for a whole year. It had a year warranty and everything on it. Well one day, I left my truck running while going into the store for a few minutes. The television, radio, lights, and my phone was on the charger. I came out of the store in about 10 minutes and low and behold my vehicle would not start. I don't know if I left it running or I just left the keys in it to keep all the stuff going because my daughter was watching a dvd. After that mishap, my windows phone would not charge every again. I don't know what happen. I thought it was the battery or maybe it had a surge.This happened like 6 days after the warranty expired. I don't know and I didn't worry about it since the phone was free and I had my old phone still as a spare. I have been trying to win a phone every since because I do not want another contract and I want another windows phone.

This is the best phone giveaway I have seen. Over at thedivinemissmommy there is a great giveaway for not one but two samsung focus windows phones, a one month free service, and skinits.  I like skinits also. I have a very beautiful one covering my computer.  This is a valentines gift giveaway and I want this giveaway to be for me! And plus windows phones have some awesome features. Head over to here to enter and win! But I hope I do!

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