Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Burn Notice- Spy Package

Yes a burn notice prize pack! I love this show. I watch it a lot. I have to admit I watch it only for the adventure and the blowing up of stuff plus they always concoct a plan that comes out successful in the end. This season, I am a bit missed if it will end in Michael more deep in trouble with both the FEDS and the people who burned him or just with the FEDS. I won the package from poptimal.com which is a television and movie review site. The entry method was commenting on other blog posts of theirs. Anyhow this was the awesome package I won. I love this travel bag. It looks like something Fiona uses to put all of her guns and explosives in. It is very stylish.  A Cocktail Shaker and a Mojitos 101 Book was also included (and yes I will learn how to shake a mojitos probably during New Year's Eve. I also received a Season 4 DVD and  T-Shirt. I don't know the value of the prize pack but I can estimate it at being over $100.00.  I did miss a few episodes so this will definitely shed some light on some events that I may have missed. Call me quirky but I also like Psych. Those guys are also hilarious! USA network has some great shows. So here is a look at my goodies!

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