Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A turkey of a win- literally!

Koshereye.com and David Elliott Poultry Farm had an awesome giveaway to win a 12-14 lb turkey. And guess what! You guessed correct- I won one of those good looking turkeys. It was an unlimited entry (via online form) submittig what you are thankful for. Well my daughter helped me win because this was my winning statement (Message:>  “I am thankful for my daughter katelyn!) 10 where given away (2 per day/5 days). And this is such a good looking turkey even if it is wrapped.  My mother-in-law had already agreed to do the turkey for thanksgiving so this bad boy (LOL) will be on the table for Christmas! Click on over to koshereye because they have some more awesome giveaways going on!---- I will also do a taste test and let you know how mmm.....good the turkey was after christmas.

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