Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I caught a lucky break!

I have been a subscriber to lucky magazine for over 6 months now. While I enjoy the magazine I really never took time to enter the giveaways because I find my odds of winning very slim until the September issue with a great number of prizes so I figured I would give it a try. Plus I prefer one entry giveaways than daily entry  and this giveaway fit all the right components of number of giveaways + one entry method (for each giveaway). Well low and behold, I won 3 giveaways.  I won the Bioelements giveaway (which I have already received)

and Rusk
Deepshine Oil - Shampoo and Conditioner
and these two I received email notifications for but another surprise showed up in the mail. A great win from Shutterfly. I have been on shutterfly numerous times trying to figure out how to redeem this awesome prize. So many beautiful options or do I want to use it to give to my mother-in law for christmas. What a blessing because I do not know how to decide.

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