Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Girls just want to have fun!

[Giveaway Winner!] Win Your Gifts: $100 in toys from Around My Family Table

Another great win for me which came from Wendy's blog!--also from a blog hop. I entered this giveaway via rafflecopter. My opinion is rafflecopter canbe a bit time consuming because you may have to "like" over 50+  individual facebook, twitter, GFC pages, and a host of other mandatory activities just to enter the giveaway. While I don't do them often, I may enter a few on occasion. I do remember this- this was a Sunday evening with nothing to do. My daughter doing her own thing around the house and my hubby glued to football so I took out the computer and started entering. I won and could not believe it when I got the email to send her my address. I am going to share my winnings with my family of course. Three gifts will go to three little girls in the family for Christmas. I will keep the rest for Katelyn for her 7th birthday (I hope she is still into dolls then!) They grow in and out of things fast sometimes so you never know. Hasbro sponsored the giveaway- THANKS HASBRO and I had delivery of the toys within 5 days. The giveaway hit a little snag with one of the mentioned giveaway items was not in stock so my options were a substitution or wait until item was in. I took the substitution.

So without further to do...Look at the goodies

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